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Streamlining how brokers evaluate & sell plans 

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Project Overview

FirstLook is an internal site for Aetna brokers and provides them with their first look at plans for the upcoming year. In a normal year, the site would launch at a huge Broker conference and get everyone excited but without in person this experience needed to provide a lot (with no explanation). The (previous) 2020 site lacked clarity in flow, made it impossible to compare plans, offered data around territories but the issue is that most brokers cover State and Submarkets. In addition, no one knew that you could create an output from your results.


After listening to the user and creating a backlog of features, we tested and created a site map that better met the needs of the user (Broker). FirstLook 2021 is a super simple experience. The home page drives you almost immediately in to the experience and offers up one question at a time. The selections a Broker makes works like a filter but the user doesn't feel like they are working through a filtered experience. Then displaying customized content (that just a few years ago was a printed document) and being able to then send that off to the end user was a huge win. Brokers were surveyed again after launch and the overwhelming response was that the experience was a huge improvement from the previous year. More Brokers used it and were likely able to sell more because of it.


Lead UX designer (UI designer, Creative Director, Mentor, Research collaborator)


The process

The FirstLook 2021 site morphed out of the previous FirstLook 2020 experience. The first thing we did was set up user testing by brokers of the previous or at that time, current experience. We guided them through with open ended questions "Where would you go next?" "What would you like to do if you could?" The flow navigation, filtering and structure wasn't working without training. But really, a good UX experience should require no training. The results were the launch pad to the site today.

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 12.00.15
Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 12.00.52
Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 12.09.33
Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 12.00.34

When Aetna brokers logged on to view FirstLook 2021, the knew immediately where to click. A simple page structure and easy flow made this design just work. The screens below show how someone might maneuver through.


Actually I think I'm more apt to sell it now, seeing (Ancillary plans)... simply because its laid out better than anything I've seen.


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