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Fitness app changing peoples lives - going through a brand evolution

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Project Overview


Attain by Atena is going through an evolution that includes new ownership. Since the Aetna / CVS merger, it makes more sense for CVS to take ownership of the app opening up who could use it to well beyond Aetna members. How do we fold Attain in to the CVS family without jeopardizing the mindshare in current Attain users? 

We have explored how Attain could evolve. Using colors, gradients, CVS design system requirements for its branding, app icon, app store branding and within the actual iOS app. We explored how healthy actions (an action in the app) could be imagined to reflect its new CVS ownership.


Lead digital designer


Going through a brand exercise is really telling for how far the brand identity has come. CVS is synonymous with the caring heart but Attain users know the wave within the app as a sign that they are progressing. So as we looked for ways to make Attain feel more a part of CVS (and not Aetna), we reached for the heart and the wave and how those two could live together and still feel like the existing app the thousands of current users already love. Starting with black and white exploration allows the team to react to the design and not get stuck on if the colors work together or not.

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 7.14.57 AM.png

Color and purpose are the key drivers when it comes to thinking about brand and color. For this exercise we explored how the very vibrant cranberry hue of Attain could live next to the very dominant CVS red. We explored different shades, sticking within the CVS palette, color gradients, borders, the percentage of each color against each other and what story that tells. All the while trying to keep the focus on the boldness of the Attain brand. Within the app we explored how red could be a secondary color perhaps around actions like the shoes or healthy habits like drinking tea. How could this new entity under CVS fit in to a bigger system of future secondary products?

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Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 7.43.38 PM.png
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